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2015 Tour of the Litchfield Hills Canaan Rest Area

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Awesome! I think we are set!

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> Thanks Robin, Larry, Carey and Cheryl for volunteering! I think we should create an honorary board position for Don as chief volunteer finder!
> > Walt and Mike, I took you off the afternoon rest stop list so we'll see you at Coe for the breakdown perhaps?
> > Pat

Pat: Sorry for the delayed response, am traveling and sans (that's French) internet most of the time. But yes, put me down for the breakdown. A sincere thanks to Don and all those that volunteered. Much appreciated.



I will be available for the breakdown.


I currently have the club pop up canopy tent. It can be picked up at my house, or I can drop it off this week if it is needed for the rest stop. Let me know.

Brent 860-970-3429

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Pat, Are you going to pick up the club tent and drop it off with the water and snacks in the morning? I have an extra tent if someone could pick it up at the end of the day. don

I'm doing the afternoon shift at the aid station and I wanted to do the 55 or 75 mile ride to get there, but I don't want to have to finish the last 20 miles that late in the day. Will anyone be there at around 3pm who has their car and wouldn't mind giving me and my bike a ride back to Litchfield?

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Don, One of the support vans will be dropping off the tent, table, water and food.


Just a reminder to bring a chair! Don

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Carey, I can give you a ride back to Litchfield. Larry