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Yakima Hold-Up 2 Rack barely used

I am looking to part with my Yakima rack. It fits a 2" trailer hitch. While it's probably 6 or 7 years old, it's like new since we hardly used it. Sells over $300 new. Look it up, it's nice. Hoping it goes to a good home where it will see some actual use. I just want enough to get a case of beer. Or you could just pay for it with a case of beer (Berkshire Steel Rail). I'm good either way.

Exact rack I have. It's great. Easy to put on and remove. Tilts up and down below level if you need to open the hatch/trunk. Locking cable connects right the the bolt on the hitch.

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I will take the rack. We can work out compensation.



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Thanks all. It's been taken.