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Weekday and weekend NOT Official rides.

I know some of you are looking for rides as this summer of discontent continues. I am riding 2 nights/week, on various days depending on weather, from various locations near Simsbury/Granby. The rides start @ 6:00 pm until the week before Labor Day. Typically, they are for 22-25 miles at a C+ pace of 13-14 mph avg. I also lead one ride on the weekends Sat or Sun. spending on weather. These are usually in the 45-65 mile range and feature substantial climbing (this is NE). If you would like to participate in these rides let me know: I will put you on my ride list. We have about 40 riders on the list so far, all of whom are comfortable with my speed. I have a new e-bike so getting left behind on the hills is now a thing of the past! Also, the weekend rides are listed on Farmington Bike Up along with others. Weekday rides are limited to my ride list. Let me know if you are interested. The weekend rides have group limits. So far as I know, none of my riders have been sick. We try to keep a safe distance from each other (6' port and starboard and 12' fore and aft.), and wear masks where appropriate. The usual rules apply: helmet, water, tube and tools. The weekend rides require Camelbacks of 70 oz or more. Too many riders with 2 bottles of water and nothing to drink by mile 20, especially in this heat!**