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Volunteer Opportunity - Rocky Hill CX training series

EBCC has committed to helping with course setup and breakdown again this year. Like last year we will need to provide 3-4 individuals per race. Please post here with the date of the race if you are willing to participate. Just a reminder, our inclusion in this event is what enables to remain as a registered USAC club. It's also a really fun event to be involved in.

Course set up help is more critical than breakdown as it requires more time. Course set up begins between 3:30 and 4 PM. If you pre-register for course setup your race registration fee will be comped. This applies to setup only.

Race dates:  8/27, 9/3, 9/10, 9/17, 9/24.  Elm Ridge Park RH  All proceeds go to support youth cycling in CT through the CCAP. MTB or cross bikes, no handlebar extensions allowed, helmets required.


I'm in for the set-up for most all the races at this point. Let me know what time they will be starting the setup. I think I need to get there a bit earlier than in the past.



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Will do as soon as they firm it up. Thanks Ron! Pat

Just wanted to bump this post back up to the top. The club has committed to providing volunteers for the setup, sign in, and break down of the Rocky Hill Cross series. Any racers out there who can help with setup starting between 3:30 and 4PM with have their entry fee waived.

This is a fun event for both racers and spectators alike. If you ever wanted to try a cross race (or any bike race) this is a good one to cut your teeth on. Not too fast, not too technical but guaranteed to test your fitness! Both CX and MTBs can be used (just no handle bar extensions on the MTBs). There is also a kid's race that is run before the main event for any aspiring juniors out there.

As a reminder, our participation in this event enables the club to remain registered with USA Cycling. Although we are not primarily a racing organization the club feels that is important to maintain this status so that our members have the option to register for USA Cycling supported events as part of the Eastern Bloc Cycling Club.

If you can volunteer your time for any of the following dates please reply here to this post. For more information on the race itself you can go to the facebook site at:

8/27 Ron B, John L, Pat C, Beth S, Jeff C





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Ron, Do you know what days you will be available?


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Right now I plan to be available for all dates unless some unforeseen work or personal event changes my schedule.


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Pat - I can't get out of work in time to help with set-up, but please count me in for course break-down. Right now, I plan to make every race. Thanks, Jeff

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Pat - I'll try to make it to most of these to help with set up.

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Will Dinosore bring his bike to ride with the other old guys chasing the up and comers?

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DinoSore has a crippled knee and cannot run barriers.

Pretty schweaty week #1 of the CX training series but no less fun. Thanks Ron, John, Veron, Jeff, and Beth.....hey that rhymes! Not leaving anyone out I hope. The setup and break down of the event went smoothly.