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Upcoming EBCC items for 2015

Greetings from the EBCC Board!

The club officers and board members met on 1/17/2015 to discuss events and issues for the 201 5 season. I wanted to reach out with a brief summary of the meeting and the full meeting minutes will be available on the website shortly. We received tons of good feedback from the survey put together by John Lockwood which we will be sharing at the upcoming spring meeting so be sure to mark your calendars. Here's a quick summary of the major items discussed.

Election Results

I am happy to announce that despite no challenges from opposing candidates the following club members were successful in their campaigns for the following elected board positions:

President : Pat Cunningham

Vice President : Ron Beliveau

Treasurer: John Lockwood

Secretary: Beth Saman

NORBA Rep: Jack Enxuto

Webmaster: Brent Soderberg

Appointed board member positions for 2015 will be:

Membership Chairman: Bruce Komarow

Major Events Chairman: Tom Wing

Bike Advocacy Liaison – Steve Savino

Group Ride Co-Chairmen: Brett Murno, Christian Torillo

Spring Dinner

Our kickoff dinner for the 2015 ride season will be on Sunday 3/15. Please note the day change to Sunday. The location this year will be Berkshire Hall at Brodie Park in New Hartford. The menu will consist of lasagna dishes and salad. Attendees are encouraged to bring desserts to fatten up their fellow club members in anticipation of the April Res Loop rides. Non alcoholic drinks will be available but we are also looking into getting a keg of microbrew for the event (one of the reasons for the switch to Berkshire Hall). Feel free to email our events chairman with suggestions (sorry Tom) as well as RSVPs so we can get a head count. You may also RSVP on the meeting topic in the Chatterbox section of the forum.

2015 Ride Leader Meeting

Ride leaders from 2014 have received an email from John Lockwood inviting them to the meeting at the Maple Tree in Simsbury on 2/8 at 5:45. If you are interested in becoming a ride leader please attend the meeting to learn what it is all about. We have some ideas from the survey on how to improve many of the group rides this year and we need ride leaders. Becoming a ride leader is an excellent way to give back to the club by helping make our rides as enjoyable and safe as we can for all involved.

2015 Membership Renewal

If you have renewed your membership already, thanks! Otherwise please do so ASAP. Membership dues pay for events like the Spring dinner and the Fall picnic but they also entitle you to the Benidorm shop discount. Be aware that the shop is offering a grace period on the discount until March 1st, 2015. An active membership is also required to attend the upcoming Spring dinner. You can renew your membership using the club website ( using the "Club Info > Purchase Membership" menu. Registration forms will also be available at the Spring Dinner.

New Club Jersey Design!

The Board of Directors has appointed a subcommittee to design a new jersey for the Eastern Bloc Cycling Club. A matching short design is also being considered. The crew is energetically working on the designs and supplier choice. The plan is for the subcommittee to have candidate designs ready to present to the club at the spring dinner. The design with the most votes wins so be sure to attend and make you choice known.

Stay tuned for the Spring Dinner agenda to be emailed in the new few weeks. Stay safe out there (if not warm) and we hope to see you all on March 15.


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One point of clarification on membership renewals. There will not be hard copy registration forms available at the Spring Dinner. Because our club bank account is though PayPal and they stopped allowing hard copy checks to be deposited, the only option now is to renew online. I believe you can still pay with an "electronic check" via PayPal where you can enter the check routing number and bank number.

So just a reminder to renew your membership online before the Spring Dinner



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Opps! That's correct. Thanks Brent!


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I suggest that someone send an email to all of last year's members regarding all the topics mentioned in the original post above (this year's officers, spring dinner plan, new jersey offering, membership renewal) and some of the other recent threads (i.e. ride leader recruitment) or at the very least send an email to tell everyone to check the website. Given all the recent snow and cold weather, I'm not even thinking of checking the EBCC web site. The only reason I looked was the new jersey was mentioned to me in a Big Sky Fitness spinning class. I'm sure there are many other people who haven't been checking the website. It may make sense to delay the jersey order deadline and present the topic at the spring dinner if you want to maximize the number of people who participate in the order.

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Paul - an email was sent out on January 27th. Did you not receive it?

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Your email address came back as "bounced" or undeliverable in the last couple of club group emails. It seems like a lot of AOL email addresses were the same. I'd suggest people add to their contact list, and possibly add a secondary contact email address if you have one under "Edit Member Info" so you are more likely to get group emails. I will send out a follow up email to all the addresses that came back as undeliverable.


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I didn't recieve the earlier email as well, but did get todays

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I received the copy of the above email that you sent me yesterday. Thanks.