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Stowe, VT - MTB Suggestions?

Anyone have experience or know of a good resource for finding MTB trails in Stowe VT area? I'll be heading up there for a few days and from what I see there are some good trails at Stowe Mtn, Trapp Mtn, and a few others in the area. I'm struggling to get any trail start/finish details, no maps, and all references from the area and local clubs all want you to go into the LBS to buy a $10 paper map and rent their bikes. Not that I mind doing that, but it's hard to plan a trip when you have no idea what's there.

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$10 bucks for a map seems a cheap price to pay for the folks who volunteer to maintain the trails.

As I mentioned, it's not the map or cost, I am just trying to plan the trip, which town, which mountain, I've never been there and I don't even know which mountain to visit. No need to get an attitude about it. But thanks for the advice Don.

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Try Strava Segment explore...looks like lots of trails on detailed maps.


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Thanks Lew, I was able to find some popular clusters of MTB segments, that led me to the activity search as well, used that for the first time, which let me filter down to see some 3-4 hour MTB rides in the area that others have done. I can even convert those to Strava routes and load to Garmin. What it looks like is there are three main area's there, Trapp Mtn, Perry Hill & Adam's Camp all seems popular... Given my limited knowledge of the area and only having 1/2 a day it looks like my best/safest bet is to go with Trapp Mtn, appears very well maintained, found some bloggers posts that all positive things to say about it. thanks.

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Trapp mountain has some nice stuff for about 2 - 3 hours of ridng depending on pace. The trail system consist of proffessionally built single track and cross country ski trails. Not a bad choice if you don't mind paying a few bucks for a pass.


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Thanks Ron, seems like a solid consensus for Trapp mountain and given my limited time to squeeze in the ride, I'll be heading there.

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"It's not the map," he says.

Ha! Oh, yes it is! Christian wouldn't be caught dead consulting a paper map when he could instead input the route using the micro SD card slot in his GPS with 3-D mapping capabilities, wireless connectivity, high-speed USB interface,160x240-pixel resolution, three-axis compass, and barometric altimeter. Paper map, indeed!