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Sports medicine doctor?

My wife has had knee problems in the past which were (sort of) diagnosed as (maybe) a partially torn meniscus, but that was never really certain. Well, it's flared up on her again after a long series of hikes and she wants to find another doc to evaluate it who does more than cut. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good sports medicine doc in the area? An ortho surgeon might be okay too if s/he knows there are tools other than knives.

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She could try Paul Tortland of Valley Sports Physicians. He spoke at our Spring Dinner a few years back. I've seen his partner Dr. Kozar but, unfortunately, he recently left the practice to teach and they closed their Avon office. You now have to go to Glastonbury to see Dr. Tortland.

I've used Roy Beebe of Avon for like 30 years. He's an ortho surgeon, but I've never found him to be knife happy. I'm pretty sure I paid for one or two of his Porsches, however.