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Ridge access from Avon/Simsbury area?

So I'm having a hard time finding a rideable trail up from Avon (44ish) to access the trail network atop the ridge. I'd like to do some MTB riding directly from work and just need to get up to the trails without major backtracking and/or riding up 44.

Anyone know of anything and willing to share?

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They opened a trail several years ago that starts somewhere off Nod Road (maybe Hazen Drive?) and goes up to Heublein Tower. Never been on it, but I doubt you can bike it as there is no biking allowed around the Tower or in Talcott Mtn. State Park.

The maps show some trails that are pretty close to the upper end of the Hunter's Ridge development. Not sure if there is any way to connect to them, but again I think you'd be on the Talcott Mtn. State Park trails which, at least several years ago, were marked for no biking. You'd have to find your way over to the road that runs along the power lines to head toward Penwood, and that is an ugly ride.

If you want a longer ride home, you can head south to Fisher Meadow, go 1/2 mile south on Rt 10, go up Old Mountain Road and jump into the WH Res - there's a gate in the fence past Northeast Road. Or you can go the dead end on Northeast Road and walk about 20 yards through the brush and be in the Res. But then you have to ride through the Res, cross 44, around the #6 Res and then hit the trails to Penwood. That's a long haul, but you could choose some of the dirt roads instead of the single track if you want to make up some time.

I'd love to hear other ideas from anyone.