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Rider visibility

In light of yet another tragic car/bike related death, this one right in the home town for many of us, I would like to suggest that we all redouble our efforts to be as visible as possible on the road. Bright clothing is a good start but blinking lights (front and back) are the most effective at all times of day. I have conversed with several of the club officers and ride leaders and the club would like to make bike lights a priority on group rides. Many products are available with some battery powered versions available for less than $20. Please consider outfitting your ride.

This is also a time to remind ourselves to ride defensively. Always assume that drivers do not see you and operate your bike accordingly. Having had the right of way is no comfort at all if it costs you an injury or worse as was the case on Tuesday night. Please be careful out there on the road.

Lastly, I would like to re-post Brent's link to the gofundme site set up for the Keller family.


After the sudden loss of Gordon in a tragic accident on June 20th, we find ourselves reaching out for help. Gordon was a beautiful soul that was so passionate about his family and about living life in the moment. He was a triathlete who was a true IRONMAN. He believed anything was possible, and his commitment and dedication to all things made that very clear.

Gordon, father of Riley and Lily and beloved husband of Alyson, was the primary breadwinner for the family, and this heartbreaking situation leaves them in a difficult position financially. We are reaching out to our family, friends and community for any support you can offer. Contributions will be used to help the family navigate these incredibly difficult times and to plan for the future. On behalf of the family, thank you.

Please consider making a donation.

Absolutely tragic. 8 years ago when I lived in Virginia a teammate was killed in exactly the same way - car going in the other direction turned into him. I have not ridden without a front blinking light since. They are lightweight, inexpensive life savers. I can't say that either death would have been prevented with the addition of the front light, but I can say with 100% certainty that having the light on my bike has saved me from at least 2 accidents. I can't recommend them enough. Times change. 30 years ago we rode without helmets but now we wouldn't leave the house without one. If you're like me, the same is now true for the front and rear lights. - matt

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Here's some good advice in an interview with Benidorm's own Pete Downs

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