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Renting a bike out of state

Looking for some tips on what I should bring, how to set up, etc. when renting a bike out of state. I am riding in MN and too costly to ship bike for the one day ride. I feel like I am coming up with what I need, but afraid of overlooking something. So comments from anyone with experience on what to do, or what not to do, is welcome.

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I rented a Bike in Austin, TX a few weeks ago from a good shop. I brought my pedals and Garmin mount. Don't forget your shoes, helmet, bottles. I sent them my seat height measurement ahead of time.

The bike I rented had a seat bag with spare tube and C02, but you should check to see if you will need to bring that.


Don't forget the blinkie light.

If you're very saddle sensitive bring your own (unless theirs is the same model of course)

Have them set it up to your measurements before you arrive that way you know they are giving you the correct size, especially the stem length.

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Thank you. This is part of a fundraising ride, so I can take the risk of no spare tube with SAG wagons. I think I had all on my list but bottles!! And I am also not that sensitive on saddle, so will take what I get. I appreciate the suggestions.

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If you bring CO2 inflators and tools (e.g. pedal wrench), pack them in a checked bag, as they will be confiscated by TSA.

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Thanks. Wasn't sure about the tools, so I asked the rental shop if they could help me with the tools needed.

I believe we have spoken about your travels, but I would like to encourage you to carry on your cycling shoes. One never knows if your luggage will arrive with you. Everything from clothing, pedals, bottles and helmet can usually be pulled together on the other end...but your shoes and their cleat placement may not be as easy to address. When renting a bike for an event, it is helpful for the bike set up if the bike is of similar geometry, or ride experience, to the bike you typically ride. The final checklist would have: * Bike measurements (tip to tail measurement of the saddle will have an impact on that set up) to include seat height, fore/aft, reach and drop. Be considerate of the crank length too.
* Pedals and shoes ( take a look at your cleat wear before heading out). Inform the rental company if you use additional pedal spacers between your pedal and crank. * Helmet * Nutrition that you are used to * Sunglasses * Bottles * Cycling prepared for the weather that may change while there * Fix a flat bag (unless taken care of by rental company) * Multi-tool (packed in your checked bag) * Safety lights * Chamois cream if you use it OK...I think that is it. Let me know if you have any questions, or would like me to confirm your current bike measurements. Have a great time and ride safely, Jan