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Over the River!

I need to get across the CT River - by bike - on my way to Springfield next weekend. Having never ridden from West to East (or vice versa, for that matter) over the river, I could use some advice about the best route for doing so. Looking at a map, it appears there are two possible, bikeable, bridges across the river - either Route 140 or Route 190. Does anyone have any experience/advice about which may be preferable? Thanks.

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I know 140 is easily bikable, and it is the shorter of the two spans; I used to work nearby and rode there on my lunch hour. I would often head out 140 to 191 and out toward Scitico. Traffic could get busy in spots.

However, I think they have put in a bike lane on 190; you can see it from Google maps.

Mike Ladden might be the guy to ask.

Hi Tom, I have used 140 a few times toget east, 190 to Enfield a couple but he is what I remember 140 to warehouse point,,, more bike friendly, bridge smaller and traffic is slower and you end up in Warehouse point. (mellow and dont feel you'll be mowed down) 190 you feel you are crossing the bridge on the interstate, and you hope not a lot of traffic and no crazies behind you if in high traffic hours *140 is my pick - Tom Q.

Thanks John and Tom. Looks like there is a bike path over the 190 bridge. I'm leaning in that direction.

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Hard to imagine Tom could cross the river that many times without falling in.