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Of interest to Canton residents

Canton Compass article

Interesting proposals for the bridge on Town Bridge Road. One proposal is to build a new bridge to the north and convert the old one to a pedestrian bridge (similar to the flower bridge in Simsbury). You could easily build a bike/ped loop from Collinsville and utilize the path along the west side of the Farmington River. However, it is an expensive option.

You can also download the report from the linked article.

Thanks for the information John. I doubt taxpayers in Canton will go for new bridge, much as I would like to see Town Bridge become pedestrian/bike only.

In reply to DinoSore

I don't think the west side would work. I believe there is a substantial segment on the west side that is private property and (the real kicker); you don't get to enjoy all of the special aroma on the west side like you do on the east.

I can't see a new bridge happening since the taxpayers won't even build a badly needed town garage that costs less. Refurb or turning it into a pedestrian bridge are probably the only two realistic outcomes. I've traveled that bridge at least twice a day for 27 years and not having it available will be an inconvenience for me, but I could live with the ped bridge thing. At least I could still ride it.

The land on the west side of the river is all private, split among about 5-6 owners, one of them being the Catholic church. I can't see a ped/bike path happening there. One of those owners would have to allow public access, and it really would be pretty intrusive for any of them.