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MTB Riding @ Ethel Walker School.

Does anyone know the way into the ridge to the west of the stable riding area that is open for recreation?

See map

If you're looking for somewhere to park, you have two choices. The first is a dirt lot off of Town Forest Road, across the street from Town Forest Pond (beach and playground). See the star on the map. There are a number of trail heads there that will lead you into the western end of the EW property.

The other place to park is at St. Alban's Church, just north of EW on Bushy Hill Road (Rt. 167) - just past Longview Drive. From there you'll go past the gate at the end of the lot, and through a large field behind the church. There are a couple of trail heads at the northwestern side of the field that will lead you to the green trail on the map. Ignore the "star" and trail entrance on the map at Bushy Hill and Stratton Brook - it is blocked.

There is also a driveway off of Bushy Hill Rd just south of the big grassy hill. You can ride in that way also, but there is nowhere to park there.