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Mt. Washington Road Race

(Yes, I do know this is a bike club, but I also know that a lot of you run.)

Several of us from the Hartford Track Club are planning to enter the lottery for entry to the Mt. Washington Road Race as a group. The group mechanism ensures that the group either all gets in, or none do, and supposedly one's odds improve in proportion to the group size. The lottery is open 2/12-2/26, selections are made 3/1, and the race is on June 16. More details are available at

You don't have to be an HTC or USATF member. Email or call me if you're interested.

Chris are going to run up Mt. Washington?!?!?! And I thought the riding a bike up that was crazy! :)

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So, you're in?

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> So, you're in?

Can we be like Rosie Ruiz and take the train?

I'm intrigued. You've got me reading forums about how difficult this could be.

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Difficult is good, right? Lottery's open until 2/26, love to see you there.