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Mountain Bike Skills Clinics

Any mountain bikers, or wanna-be mountain bikers, in the group? (Jan suggested I post my clinics/coaching options for folks who may want to improve their skills and reach the next level.)

Teaching people how to ride better and safer in the woods, and have more FUN on their bikes, has been a passion of mine for several years.
There are group skills clinics and private coaching options available for all levels of riders from newbie to pro.

Mountain biking is very different from riding on the road. There are lots of skills and maneuvers to learn that will help you manage the terrain so you're able to ride your bike instead of taking it for a walk.

"Fundamentals" clinics - Learn the basics and develop the body positioning upon which every other mountain biking maneuver is built.

"Maneuvers" clinics - Build upon your fundamentals foundation and learn things like how to handle obstacles by lifting your front/rear wheels, switchbacks and more.

"Fundamentals & Maneuvers" - Combine the two clinics on the same day for a full day skills training and practice on the trails.

"Rock 'n' Roll" clinics - Learn how to ride bigger features, catch a bit of air, and really up your cool factor.

Private Coaching - A great option for racers and others who want individual attention or the clinic schedule doesn't coincide with your schedule.

Private Group Coaching - Get your group of friends and/or family together for your own private clinic.

Saturday, June 30th is the next co-ed group skills clinic that has some openings. Harwinton, CT location.

Visit the website for more clinic dates, additional information and to register and reserve your place.

Happy trails!

Coach Margie Bowen

Licensed USA Cycling Coach & MTB Instructor, Certified PMBI MTB Instructor