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Look back at this years Nordic Olympic Cross Country Skiing Dream Team

The Olympics this year were great and went by so quickly. The American Women cross country skiiers, Kikkan Randall & Jessie Diggens have gained much respect for their achevements, and I suspect many have not realized how great these individuals are as all around people, and perhaps great role leaders for our youth and society in general. In daily news, there is so much wrong, and negativity, but this is inspiring. Here is an example of how great and positive a story can be. Below are some links which I have enjoyed. The sport of Cross country Skiing is an amazing sport once you see things from within. Hope you find this as inspiring as I do. ---Randy---

Be sure to watch the videos.....

Now watch the details of how the sprint race was won

Yeah Randy - Yesterday Diggins was 3rd in classic (her 1st WC podium in classic race) sprint race held in Norway near Oslo - on city streets! very cool - like Cyclocross, criteriums, spectators get to really see the action.

Still got that backpack track blower/cleaner? I remember from WT

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Thanks Randy for sharing those links. That victory was the best to watch from the Olympics! XC skiing, like bike riding, are fantastic life long sports. There is some sparkle of emotion every time I see or hear about the Diggins/Randall is sweet. I love the perseverance of their team, the support of each other and their commitment to broadening the exposure of young people to XC skiing. Every time they hear our National Anthem, they will always be reminded of that experience! So awesome!

Jessie Diggens has had a great season, next year maybe even better...