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Lactate Threshold testing at Benidorm Bikes, January 16th

Eric was our test last spring. Now we will welcome Aidan and Hunter from Charles Coaching and Nutrition to perform 1.5 hour scheduled lactate threshold tests on an appointment based schedule. Cost is $150. Time slots begin at 9AM, with the final test beginning at 4:45PM. A 6PM Get In the Zone Clinic will wrap up the day with an 'open to the public' presentation on training with heart rate and/or power. if you are being coached, would like to be coached, or are trying to learn about your training zones, this will be a clinic you don't want to miss. Now you can optimize your bike fit with Jan and learn about more specific training goals with the help from CCNS. Contact if you'd like to reserve and pay for your time slot. Spaces are limited, and we may have a second date if the interest is there.

Hi All, C'mon, someone has to want to have their lactate threshold tested. Lactate threshold (anaerobic threshold) defines a more accurate heart rate in order to establish your heart rate zones for training. Your goal, through training, is to increase the heart rate by taking it closer to your maximum heart rate. This allows you to 'perform more work' at a higher heart rate while your body is able to process the lactic acid. There is a lot more to those details. Basically, when you know what you are trying to achieve through your riding and training, you will be able to ride longer and stronger at a higher heart rate while staying aerobic! This is exciting stuff! Please let me know if you have any questions... You can have your LT tested or come to the informational clinic that begins at 6PM on Saturday, January 16th...but we'd like to know. Hope you make this a priority for your 2016.

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The LT Test Clinic, open to all and friends, is actually beginning at 5PM, not 6PM, as previously mentioned.

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I had my lactate tested once. They couldn't find any. Only traces of beer.

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Maybe you should try again and refrain from the least for the evening before. You can recover with a good beer.

Jim R. and I have had this discussion before. I don't need a heart rate monitor or to drop $150 to know what my max. heart rate is. When I puke, I'm there.