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Lactate Threshold Test and Training Zones...don't miss this event

GET IN THE ZONE! How To Enjoy Your Riding More With Proper Training Zones


CCNS’s Head Coach Aidan Charles will conduct a live Lactate Threshold Test (with Eric Landi) and explain the benefits of building a riding plan around heart-rate or power-meter training zones. Learn how to bring a new level of focus and excitement to your workout or training routine.

This topic is great for the approaching spring and summer! Take your level of understanding and training to another level!

Other points covered:

What “Base Miles” are all About When to Train “Hard” Tracking Improvement in Your Personal Zones Using a Powermeter During Events and Racing

RSVP would be great so we have enough refreshments and snacks. Please share this invitation with your riding friends and anyone else you think would have an interest. Hope to see you here, at Benidorm Bikes on March 26th!