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It CAN happen to you!

Just a reminder to everyone to ALWAYS, ALWAYS be aware and careful while out on the road...whether riding or just stopped taking a break or regrouping.

During last Sunday's TOLH ride, I was stopped with 3 other riders (Alan, Ned and Mike) in Norfolk just regrouping before we pushed the last 14 miles of the 100mile loop. We stopped just after turning right onto Rt 272 in front of the church. The four of us were in line, one behind the other, just straddling our bikes, talking and getting ready to head out. I was last in line as usual. Suddenly something had hit my left arm from behind with enough force to launch my arm up over my head and twisted my body around to the right. That's when the pain hit and I realized what had just happened....I was just hit by a car. The pain was akin to having someone swing a sledge hammer into the back of my elbow. I immediately got off my bike (yes I was still standing) and sat on the grass, trying to manage the intense pain, holding my arm and trying to assess what had just happened. Luckily, the intensity of the pain in my elbow subsided a bit (it was likely the adrenaline) to the point that I felt the pain in my left foot. My left foot was throbbing and saw that my left shoe was foot had been run over. You know those fancy dials they have on shoes now? They're excellent at adjusting the shoe fit, but the downside is that they get pushed into your foot if a car runs you over. Someone must have called 911 (Thank you to whoever did), and fire and EMT's arrived to assess my condition. State Police also arrived and took my info. The EMT's were checking me out and asking me multiple questions to make sure I was ok. In the end, I went by ambulance to the emergency clinic in Winsted where they determined that nothing appeared to be broken. I followed up with my doctor on Monday to make sure there weren't any other issues and had xrays done to make sure nothing was broken. I'd like to thank Ned, Alan and Mike for making sure I was ok till the emt's arrived and glad they completed the TOLH. Also, special thank you to Pat, who happened to be driving through, for taking my bike and getting it back to me later in the day. Lastly, the EMT's looking after me were awesome and hats off to them for there work. They see much worse and are only there to help someone in need.

I can't tell you how lucky I am...another inch and it would have been a very different outcome. So...Let's be careful out there!


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Wow. Glad you survived the experience without major injury. The difference was measured in inches, and not many inches at all. I'd guess about two.

Probably no chance anyone got a look at the car, which is a shame because someone out there either can't judge the dimensions of their vehicle, doesn't care, or is distracted or drunk enough not to even know.

They must have known they hit you. That is very upsetting. Glad you are basically ok.

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The driver did indeed stop and stayed at the scene. She was cited and car was towed.

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Wow! Very happy to hear you are okay.

Ok. The person cared enough to stop and take responsibility. . That makes a bad story a little better. At least it wasn't a hit & run.

Anyway, hope you're ok.