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Help keep Tokeneke going!

See Race Director (and new EBCC club member) David Greenapple's message below. Any help we can provide for meeting attendance will make an impact. Beyond supporting the race this is an opportunity to let the town of Hartland know that cycling is important to a lot of people. EBCC collectively spends a considerable amount of time riding in the area. We can be vocal about our club's goals for proper road use and rider safety. I plan to be there. I hope many of you can join me.

Pat Cunningham

From: "David Greenapple"

Cc: Sent: Tue, 6 Oct 2015 12:10:05 +0000 (UTC) Subject: Tokeneke Classic - Hartland Selectman's Meeting - 10/19 7:30 PM

The East Hartland Selectman's meeting is Monday Oct 19th at 7:30 PM at the Town Hall at 22 South Road in East Hartland. Please reply to me to let me know you'll be there and anyone else you invite. 22 South Rd, East Hartland, CT 06027 | (860) 653.6800 P.S. - The new restaurant is now open from what Magi Winslow tells me. P.P.S - I am now a member of EBCC... :)

Our objectives:

  1. Show respect and willingness to listen and work with the local residents so that they understand the Tokeneke Classic and are willing to work with us to host the race.

  2. Show up with participants in the Race from the local area. Show the Selectman's group that a number of their constituents want the race to continue.

  3. Offer up ideas to cooperate and work with the local Fire Services team. Examples:

    • A donation to support their organization and future success
    • Ask if they want to be marshals at the race to ensure the proper handling of emergencies
    • An agreement that referees will neutralize the field so emergency vehicles can pass
    • Anything else Hartland Fire Services recommends that can be done safely
  4. Cleanup:

    • Arrange a cleanup crew at the end of the race day to drive the course and both the fields
    • Make a donation to the Town Garbage cleanup for overtime related to cleanup.
  5. Arrange to notify all the townspeople in some practical way of the upcoming race

    • a mailing two weeks before
    • signs the day before and day of race
  6. Offer to do anything else that is practical to make the town feel positive about this special event.

    • We are willing to be creative and flexible

Please let me know if you can make October 19 and forward this to others you can think of who might attend. Copy me on their emails and I will send out regular updates in anticipation of October 19.

David Greenapple

Hi Pat, I plan on being there Monday night, Tom Q.

Great turn out by the club last night. It was a very positive meeting with the town committee. There's lots we can do to help resolve some of the issues raised to keep this event alive and well. Stayed tuned....