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Hands On Road Bike and Mountain Bike Maintenance Classes at Benidorm Bikes

February 1 & 2 (Thursday and Friday) 6 - 9PM Road Bike Maintenance

February 8 & 9 (Thursday and Friday) 6 - 9PM Mountain Bike Maintenance

The two night class is taught by Charlie, one of our highly qualified Service Technicians. The syllabus you will keep, is designed by Benidorm Bikes and the calss provides you with guided instruction on your very own bike. Some of the topics covered include: shift and brake adjustments, headset adjustments, wheel truing, chain replacement, and drivetrain maintenance. Questions are addressed throughout, with opportunities to help you understand the ever changing technologies such as electronic shifting, wireless shifting and disc brakes. Each class is limited to 3 people and the cost is $150/person.

All classes are held at Benidorm Bikes and pre-registration is required.

Sign up now by emailing or calling 860-693-8891.

Grab your friends and make a night of it! First come, first serve! Snacks and refreshments are provided, but you may bring food or your desired beverage.

Maintenance Class Details, Brake Bleeds, Dropper Post Set-Up, Tubeless Set-Up...Learn How to Do It!