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Got used CX bikes for CCAP kids to buy or borrow ?

The CCAP program (remember Karen from our spring dinner?) is looking to set kids up with used CX bikes that are in good working order. If any club members happen to have a spare CX bike that they would be willing to loan out for the season or possibly sell at a reasonable price, please post here, send me an e-mail, or just bring it to the first Rocky Hill CX Series race on 8/27.

I will put you in touch with the right folks.

Thanks, Jeff (

Great post Jeff! One of the biggest challenges in growing youth cycling is finding bikes for the kids to ride. It can be a pricey activity for an adult so you can imagine how challenging it is for a teenager. The good news is that the bikes are long lasting and they tend to stack up as we move on to the latest industry trends.

Donating or loaning an unused bike to a youth is a very satisfying way to help grow the sport, clear out some storage space and most importantly help change a young person's life in a very positive way. We can all attest to positive effect cycling has had on us and this is a great way to share it.

Plus…..cross is AWESOME!

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Pat speaks from experience. My son Derek has been riding Pat's old "Jake the Snake" CX bike for the last two years. We are forever grateful for this loan-turned-gift, and expect Wyatt to one day be hauling Jake over the barriers too.

Thanks Pat!