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Fun stuff happening at Benidorm next two Thursdays!

Cabin fever anyone? The shop has a solution: Bonfire this Thursday!

I'm there. Anyone else going?

The following week, great opportunity to learn about training zones. Don't miss it. (LT tests are all the more pleasant when your friends are there to jeer you on).

MARCH don't want to miss!

March 12th, Thursday 6-7:30PM Spring Welcoming Bonfire...and learn to fix-a-flat We'll have an outdoor bonfire, warming beverages, change a flat demonstrations, and snow sculpting activities. Dress appropriately, bring a wheel if you want to learn how to fix-a-flat, meet with riding friends and talk about your winter stories. Together we'll encourage the spring weather!

March 26th, Thursday 6-7:30PM Get In The Zone CCNS’s Head Coach Aidan Charles will conduct a live Lactate Threshold Test and explain the benefits of building a riding plan around heart-rate or power-meter training zones. Learn how to bring a new level of focus and excitement to your workout or training routine.