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For Sale: power meter, bike rack, PowerCranks

Three items for sale: All prices negotiable

1) 2008 Powertap Pro SL 2.4 wireless. Yellow computer head, hr strap, mavic open pro clincher rim (black with black spokes), 23 mm Michelin pro race tire, case USB link, three bike mounts, tt bar mount, all original materials, 9 speed cassette, skewer. Everything you need. 8694 miles on it, almost all on trainer. Used it just last week. Sold old bike and new one is 11 speed. $400.

2) Thule trailer hitch bike rack. 1 3/4 inch hitch. Folds down. Holds four bikes. About 5 years old. Used twice. Like new. Most like current Thule Parkway model. $100.

3) 2003 PowerCranks. 172.5 crank length. Square taper bb required. Including 3 bbs of various size. 52/42 chain rings included. $300.

Hope your Christmas shopping is going well!