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For Sale - Cycleops Fluid 2 Trainer

If anyone is looking for a good trainer for the winter, make me a reasonable offer on my CycleOps Fluid 2. it's not the current shinny black version, it's approx 5 years old, it's the gray color and therefore won't match your jet black iPhone 7... Also, being gray I've heard makes it 30% less aerodynamic and 10% slower overall... so please consider those cons before making an offer. Other then that; I assume it's similar to current model since all the fluid trainers are just soggy flywheels with metal legs. it's also not very smart, some would even call it a "dumb trainer". I'm selling this because it hasn't made me fast like the box advertised (which I threw away in a fit of anger at it's marketing lies)

A few other things to note---- If left out at night, it is often the cause of stubbed toes in the morning. If you put it anywhere other than the basement it will result in constant nagging from your significant other, and outright arguments if you leave the bike in it and don't use it. There's a good chance after you assume ownership you won't use it; a common theme with these things, especially after the cider doughnuts hit the shelves in the fall. However it will be a god-send on January 1st when you have that flash of adrenaline to make 2017 your year of the 6-pack abs.

I've performed all the scheduled maintenance intervals and it's in good shape overall. Drop me a message if you are interested.