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Election time!

Yes folks it's that time of the year again. Per the club by-laws we will be electing club officers for 2015. The details of the vote tallying are still being discussed but now is the time for nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary and club Treasurer. The club has also recently included board member positions which are not elected. Board member positions are created through a not so secretive and un-nepotistic practice of welcoming anyone willing to volunteer.

Coleman's adventure in the far east has put the club President position up for grabs. The remaining officers and board members can submit their own nominations for re-election here if they so choose.

Please consider getting involved before the ultra-conservative coffee ride party makes a power grab and starts enforcing their interpretation of the infamous rules of the Velominati.

I would like to propose the following nominations:

John Lockwood for Club President: John has an in depth knowledge of just about every road and trail in the Northwest corner, a long term commitment to the club, and quick problem solving skills (like forming a human chain to pull Roy out a river).

Pat Cunningham for Club Vice President: Because he hasn't quite figured out the job yet after two terms and the definition of insanity is to repeat the same mistake over and over again and expect something different to happen.

John Legere for Treasurer : Cause he's been doing it forever and no one else on the board knows where the club bank account is.

Beth Saman for Secretary: Cause she's the only person on the board who actually writes stuff down for when we can't remember what we decided to do.

Brent Soderberg for Web Master (this should be obvious).

Club Curmudgeon (an unofficial but highly influential position) : Wayne Prescott. No justification needed.


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I know! Wayne is crabby! Who knew?

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Pat is obviously having a slow Friday afternoon at work, and having trouble handling the crash from his morning caffeine rush.

Pat - time to man-up and move up!

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The last guy than manned up ended up on a slow boat to China!

I second Pat's nominations.

All in favor?

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> I second Pat's nominations. > > All in favor?

I am, yes.

All fine candidates and they have my vote.

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Thanks Jim, and I have your tupperware container from the JD ride. Will try to get it back to you.


Just a reminder, we are having a club board meeting this Saturday (11/15) at 3pm. The meeting will be at 150 Burwell Road in New Hartford. Any active club member is welcome to attend. Any active club currently dealing with insomnia is encouraged to attend :)

Please email me if you plan to attend (if you have not already).

To all Eastern Bloc Cycling Club members, The EBCC board of directors met on 11/15 to formalize the nominations for candidates for the offices of club president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, USCF and web master. In addition the board discussed the status of the appointed positions for Ride Coordinator, Membership Chairman, and Major Events Coordinator. Per the EBCC club bylaws nominations for the elected board positions for 2015 were approved and are as follows:

President : Pat Cunningham Vice President: Ron Beliveau Treasurer: John Lockwood Secretary: Beth Saman Webmaster: Brent Soderberg USCF/Norba representative: Jack Enxuto (to be confirmed)

For the appointed board positions the following club members have volunteered and have been approved by the board for 2015: Membership Chairman : Bruce Komarow Major Events Coordinator : Tom Wing Bike Advocacy Liaison: This is a newly created board position. This member will coordinate with Jan Tanner and notify the club on any efforts and events related to bicycle advocacy and safety. Steve Savino has volunteered to take on this position in 2015.

The following board position needs to be filled and the club is looking for volunteers: Ride Coordinator : Responsible for updating posted routes for weekly rides that are listed on the club calendar and coordinating with ride leaders. Please contact John Lockwood or Pat Cunningham if you are interested in volunteering for this position.

The board is currently evaluating tools for holding the officers election on line. You will be notified by email when the election begins in December.

The full minutes to the board meeting will be made available on the club website.

Meeting Attendees: Pat Cunningham, Beth Saman, Brent Soderberg, Ron Beliveau, Doug Tanner, Steve Savino, Steve Koller and John Lockwood.

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If you are a current EBCC Member, you should have received an email on Dec 7th with a link to the board elections online ballot. If you are a current member, and did not get that email, please let me know.