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EBCC Interest Groups

I recently added a new feature to the web site for EBCC members. I created a way to join an interest group within EBCC to improve communications. This will allow members to get additional notifications on various topics.

Go to while you are logged in as a member, and joins one of many of the following topics:

  • Bike Advocacy
  • Bike Packing
  • Gran Fondo
  • Gravel Grinder
  • Junior Cycling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rail Trails
  • Randonneuring
  • USA Cycling
  • Women's Rides


Great idea!

In reply to CallMeJay

Are we going to push this out to the membership in an email, too? The Interest Groups seem like a great way to get like-minded riders together for rides using the website and email distribution lists.