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EBCC History

Reposting/updating some of the EBCC History topic from the old forum to save for future generations. Corrections and additions encouraged.

Who created the EBCC logo?
Peter Waite

When was the Club "revived" and who rewrote the Bylaws and became the first President and VP?
Around 1998 by Sue Day (VP) and Wayne Prescott (P). Bylaws were written and approved in May 2000.

Who was the last president of the "old" EBCC? Can you name any other board members?
Tom Quinlan, President, Rob Courtemanche, Vice President, Joel Sevick, Treasurer, Sue Day, Secretary

Who invented the "Superman" later to be copied in the pro peloton?
Ed "RAMBO" Desimas

Name the EBCC riders who held pro licenses at one time?
Jan (Bolland) Tanner, Monica Cazzetta, Ari deWilde, John Hanson, Ted D'Onofrio (MTB, Moto-X), John Legere (MTB) and others???

Who is still active in the Club today that was a member when it was revived?
Wayne Prescott, Heather Prescott, Jack Enxuto (and Sherri?), Scott Holmes, Monica Cazzetta, Doug Tanner, Jan Tanner, John Legere (and Liz?), Stuart Jensen, Laura Jensen, Andy Novotny (and Andrea?),

What three riders have the fastest time ever in the Pleasant Valley TT?


  • Ari DeWilde 16:40 on 8/23/05 (And 16:56 on 6/8/04)
  • Doug Day 17:08 on 8/3/93
  • Ted D'Onofrio 17:09 on 8/19/03


  • Sally Warner 19:45 on 8/3/93
  • Patsy Thomas 20:18 on 8/25/09
  • Sue Day 20:58 on 8/3/93

Benny Bunny Award Winners: Most Improved Rider

  • 2013-Brett Murno
  • 2012-Bruce Komarow
  • 2011-Tom Dudzik
  • 2010-Craig Kennedy
  • 2009-Nancy Leach
  • 2008-Beth Saman
  • 2007-Katherine Papillon-Rodrigue
  • 2006-Mary Fuchs
  • 2005-Paul Nyberg
  • 2004-Heather Prescott
  • 2003-Brian Clancy
  • 2002-John Legere

I believe the Benny Bunny of 2009 was Nancy Leach.

Where's the history of the Gnome award?

In reply to TomWing

I think I received the Benny Bunny award in early 2000's. It was a plastic bunny back then. I don't think I was the first recipient after revival, but I may have been.

In reply to JohnLegere

I put you down for 2002. That's most likely the year. That old plastic bunny was awesome. I think the year Heather won it was when the "new" bunny was purchased. Pretty sure Brian was the last person to get plastic.

I also held a Pro license for MTB. I think I was upgraded to Pro in 2002 after winning the Sobe Expert Series. I've since downgraded to Cat 1.

In reply to JohnLegere

> I also held a Pro license for MTB.

So noted. Still looking for that 2005 Benny Bunny winner.

In reply to wpprescott

> So noted. Still looking for that 2005 Benny Bunny winner.

I think it was Nyberg.

In reply to pcunningham

> > > So noted. Still looking for that 2005 Benny Bunny winner. > > I think it was Nyberg.

Seriously? How could I have forgotten that?