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EBCC Fall Picnic/Awards Recap

The Annual EBCC Fall Picnic (unofficially) closed out the 2014 season on Sunday. We had great weather, good food and lots of good fellowship. It was great to see many new faces - a sure indication that the club is healthy and growing.

Special thanks to Jim and Laurie Rogowski who once again generously hosted the event at their home in Canton. Mike Gluz was the one soul brave (?) enough to take a dip in the pool.

The Awards:

This year the Benny Bunny award for the most improved rider went to Christian Torrillo - in a landslide! Given his margin of victory, his next move will be (or should be!) to run for governor. Congrats, Christian!

The vote for the Gnome award was, conversely, a closely contested affair. Roy Porter made a late season dive/drive for the award but, sadly - painfully - came up just short. Just edging him out was Mike Parker whose misfortunes at the Lake Placid Triathlon earned him the win (???) even though the bulk of his difficulties occurred not on the bike, but on the run. Our collective condolences, Mike.

So the clock is reset. Keep these two awards in mind as our next year begins. Staking a claim to the early lead for the 2015 Gnome award is Greg Bombassei who took a nasty spill on last Friday’s Wingbiter ride.

Thanks again, to everyone for coming out yesterday. See you all on the road!!!!