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EBCC Fall Club Ride / Picnic Rides canceled, PICNIC IS ON...October 13th

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Here is the new B ride route change. I think everyone will be able to choose a route they can feel comfortable with. All routes overlap for the first five miles, then this new B route overlaps with the C ride for a few more miles.

B route

Doug G

I'm planning on a 25 mile ride for the sedate C- group. Since we're starting at 9:30 and should finish at noon I'd like to ride up 219 (Reservoir Rd), across the dam and then down to East River Rd and up Hogback and return via West River Rd. If time is in short supply we can turn back at Riverton, but 25 in 2.5 is about my usual glacial pace. I'll sound folks out before we start.

I plan to come, Dan

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OK. So with the addition of Greg's "B" ride, there is no need for the off-the-grid "C+" ride. Riders will select from one of the official posted ride routes. (I'll be doing the new official "B" route, where I can harass Greg on every climb).

Perhaps this would be easier for everyone?

I'm working on a D- route as we speak. It will not involve any riding. Stay tuned.

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Weather is wet and cold in the morning. Maybe we should have an afternoon event? Just say'in.

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Wet and cold? Maybe we should do a gravel ride instead? Meow!

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I am hesitant to type this given my moniker on the old forum of "Evil Weather Overlord" but I am hopeful the morning showers will be tapering off around the time the rides head out. Jay makes a good point about the cold tho, it's gonna be chilly so break out that late fall gear if you haven't already. Above all, focus on the post ride beer :)

If it ends up colder and/or wetter than you prefer keep in mind that the meal and social time after the ride is rain or shine. If it's shine we can congregate out on the Legitimus patio. If not, there's always the tables inside. Either way it will be great to see everyone.

We have approximately 35 affirmatives which is a great turnout. The food has been ordered from Nardelli's and will consist of sandwich and wrap platters (with vegetarian options), tossed salad, tortellini salad, and their signature pepperoni bread. We will have water, seltzer and some soda there as well. Several people has responded that they will bring deserts and the more the merrier.

See you all around 9AM tomorrow!


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Thanks, Pat. It's probably going to be too wet and cold for me. I'll see in the morning.

Also, don't you mean 9:30?

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> Thanks, Pat. It's probably going to be too wet and cold for me. I'll see in the morning. > > Also, don't you mean 9:30?

Wheels roll at 9:30. I am assuming that our diligent club riders will all be there 30 minutes earlier so that we roll on time. ;)

9:30 AM rides are cancelled and we will join Wayne for the D- Ride ( ride).

LOTS of Nardelli Deli food will be delivered at 12:30PM so PLEEEASE come for the social part of the fall picnic. Bring your bike and people could ride around 2PM...routes and groups decided based upon who shows and is prepared to ride.

We will see you for lunch and a beer, cornhole, conversations and a seasonal wrap up.

Enjoy your coffee while staying dry and warm.