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EBCC Club Clothing - SECOND ORDER - Another bite of the apple

The first order of the newly designed EBCC Club clothing has been received and (for the most part) distributed. The new kit has been very well received, and now that folks have had a chance to see the actual garments, there have been many comments suggesting that placing a second order would be a good thing to do.

So, we’ve been in touch with Voler and have gotten the word that a second order could be shipped the third week of July. The Eastern Bloc Store at the Voler site is now open! The link you need to visit is: To meet the July ship date, the second order will close on June 1st. The good news is that for this second order the minimum number of garments for each “like item” is only 5 items. (Tops - Jerseys, vests, etc, - are one “like item”, Bottoms - shorts, bibs, knickers are a second category - and accessories - hats, arm warmers, shoe covers, etc., are the third group). The (probable) bad news is that we will most likely not get the volume discount on prices that we got on the first order (50+ jerseys, 25+ pairs of shorts).

So, if you decide to get in on this second order, please pay attention to the pricing. As before, your credit card will be charged at the time you place your order.

You can post any questions you have to this topic on the forum and I’ll post responses here for all to see.

Link to Voler

Just a reminder, if you are interested in any of the club clothing, you will need to order to have it for later this summer and into Fall. This order has a 7/24 ship date. If there were a third order it would most likely not be until next year we would take delivery. So think ahead if you want some long sleeves, jackets or warmers for the fall/winter.

Here's the Voler Store Link:

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Here is a chance for us all to look really good for the tour of Litchfield Hills in August