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EBCC Club Clothing - Preliminary Ordering Information

The one of the responses to the questionnaire that was sent out to all club members in late Fall was that a very large percentage of the members would be interested in purchasing a jersey designed specifically for EBCC. To that end, a jersey design subcommittee was formed, several designs were proposed/selected to be put forth for a vote by all current (paid up) members and another survey has been sent out. If your have not already received an invitation to vote, you should receive it very shortly. Check your email!!! It is important to note that ONLY paid up members will be allowed to vote. If you have not already done so, please renew your membership for 2015 before you complete the current questionnaire.

It had been the Board’s original intent to present potential designs to the members on the club forum and have a final vote to select the club jersey at the Spring Kick Off event on March 15th. and to open the ordering process immediately thereafter. However, in order to get on the vendors’ (Voler) production schedule for a late April shipping date, we need to provide them with a completed design and orders by March 1st. Hence, the questionnaire - and this post.

The purpose of this post is to provide some information about the ordering process with Voler and links to the kit being offered. More detailed information about the process will be posted to this thread around the middle of the month.

One of the principal reasons for selecting Voler is the fact that they offer an online store where each individual can order the specific garment(s) he/she wishes to buy and to pay Voler directly. Equally important is that most of the club members are already familiar with the fit and quality of Voler products having purchased jerseys/shorts from our principal sponsor, Benidorm Bikes.

So, this is a general overview of the ordering process. In a nutshell, each member will log into the store, select the desired kit and pay directly with his/her credit card. At this point you may wish to visit the Voler website - Voler Product web site - to see all the jerseys available with all the options, including the price schedule.

We are presently in the process of setting up the online store with Voler. Once established, we will provide eligible members with a link to the store. The opening date will be within a day or two of the final jersey selection (probably around 2/15) and the store will close at midnight 3/1. This will be the absolute deadline! We are not currently planning for additional ordering opportunities, so please mark your calendar so that you do not miss this opportunity. You will have lots of options and therefore lots of decisions to make at the time you place your order. It might be best to do some research up front so as not to be overwhelmed when you go to place your order.

Please check back on this thread around mid-Feb. for a more detailed description of the process.

Most importantly, renew your membership NOW if you have not already done so, and VOTE for your preferred design.