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Dirty Dozen

There's a bike race in Pittsburgh called the Dirty Dozen. Something about 12 little hills. Looking at the mapmyride it doesn't look too bad. We do more elevation on a typical wingbiter in less miles. Watching the video (long) makes it look much more difficult. I'm sure it has nothing on Coleman's Hillier-than-Hell 10K Century. Nice community event though.

Let's train for this. It's in November, I think. By the way, it looks like a son-of-a gun, with a mountain finish. During the summer, we could do this route on Sundays for our training ride: Dirty Dozen Training Ride! Let me keep working on this. I'm sure I can work Barbourtown Rd. and Satan's Elbow into this!

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Who would turn down hills?

I just added up their hills and came up with 7769 ft. Mapmyride has trouble with math. If only computers could help!

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I'm going to need new gearing

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> Check this out! Another Dirty Dozen Training Ride

Ok, but I think next spring. Just seems like a bit much for a Wingbiter, especially in winter.

I'd be up for it, but being it's in November I'll need to stay for a Steelers game. I lived there for 5 years and have family in Pittsburgh, it would be a great reason to go see them.

Oooh! Oooh! Ooooh! A third Dirty Dozen training ride! And--what's better than this?--we get to stay with Christian's family!