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Dirt Road Map

Some of you may find this map helpful - it shows dirt roads around northwest CT, western MA and NY.

Map Link

I can quickly see a lot of missing roads and a few errors, and am trying to find out who maintains this map. Source - Litchfield Hills Cycling Club.

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Very interesting. Dirt roads are some of my favorites, and I usually manage to trip across a few on my longer rides.

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I have tracked down the map-maker. If anyone knows of roads to add, let me know and I will forward them on.

I'll let you know, but I rarely know where I'm going, much less where I've been when I get back!

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Contact Coleman… he knows where they are!

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That is a great map. I was looking for that. Like others I tend to find these by accident when I plan my own rides.

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Shearshop Road between Milton center and Goshen is dirt.