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Derek #1 - Battenkill

Great to see Derek's name on top!. fast pace too despite lots of headwind (a 55+ racer mentioned this)

Junior Boys 17-18 65 Miles 21.14 MPH 44 Starters

Place Bib Time Gap First Name Last Name Team City State 1 562 3:04:28 00:00 Derek Cote CT Cycling Advancement Program Burlington CT 2 586 3:04:29 00:01 Brandon Pruett Hincapie Sportswear Development Team Silver Creek NC 3 565 3:04:30 00:02 David Duquette Gastonia NC 4 578 3:10:36 06:08 David Lombardo Hincapie Sportswear Development Team Crystal Lake NC 5 583 3:11:03 06:35 Jonah Meadvancort KMS Cycling- Killington Mountain School Ithica NY 6 580 3:12:18 07:50 Jordan Marhanka Hincapie Sportswear Development Team Pickens NC 7 575 3:13:04 08:36 Samuel Lear GS Cyclelife Ellicott City MD 8 560 3:15:07 10:39 Cameron Buccellato RBS Cycling Team Lake Orion MI 9 595 3:15:15 10:47 Austin Vincent RACE CF | @racecf Simsbury CT

6 minute gap and a 3 man shootout! Way to go Derek!!!!!

Congrats also to Wyatt (5th in the 13-14 race) and Tim Wern for back to back victories in the CAT5 field.

That is great! Nice job. Looks like you had a sprint finish.

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There'll be no living with him now: Raleigh America Page

It was great to see Coleman, Eric, Chip and Brent out there on Sunday, and kudos to Tim's son Jake for his results on Sunday too.

I'm pretty sure Walt had the toughest conditions for his race on Saturday.

Very impressive win Derek! There were very few races that had faster winning times, so nice job.

Nice win for Tim Wern also! Tim, you might be able to upgrade now, even though you don't have the 10 races in yet.

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Back to back wins at Battenkille? Upgrading will not be an issue.

Thanks all! Not familiar with the system but would be nice to move up earlier if I could.

Derek & Wyatt both impressive!! Looked like Derek beat out some tough competitors who traveled a long way to compete. Wyatt rode a tough course in a great time.

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Tim, Put in for the upgrade ASAP. Scoring well typically shortcuts the 10 race rule.

Wow! Very nice rides Tim and D$. Congratulations.