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Danny Chew "MIllion Mile Man" Recovery & Donations Update

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You know what I'm going to say...who's in?

Wow... How life has it turns.

I knew Danny from cycling in the 1980's meeting at the Colorado Springs Junior development training camp at the USCF, when we were just teenagers. Danny is a real character to say the least. His Father and brother were also very involved with cycling/ racing. Even though he has taken a lot of serious knocks or crashes on the bike, over the years, He keeps getting back on the bike . Amazing.

Posted on April 17, 2017 Update From Carol Perezluha:


My brother Danny Chew was in a tragic cycling accident on Sept. 4 last year. He has been staying with friends in Ohio, and now, we want to modify our Pittsburgh home where Danny has lived his whole life, and wants to go home to live with our 84 year old mother so they can take care of each other. Our family thanks you for supporting Danny throughout this very sad time. Desmone Architects have designed a pro bono addition to our house which is wheelchair accessible. We have set up a 100% tax deductible page for donations for Danny on HelpHopeLive. A very generous cycling friend, Gene Nacey of Cycling Fusion, has offered to donate $60,000 for Danny if the cycling world can first come up with $60,000. I am reaching out to all of Danny’s cycling friends for help. The link: will get you to Danny’s page.

From the bottom of our hearts, the Chew family(Danny, our brother Tom, and me, sister Carol Chew Perezluha) and our children Steven Perezuha and Ashley Perezluha thank you for helping Danny!

Carol and the Chew Family