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Dangerous surface on Sandy Brook

I just drove down Sandy Brook. The sealant the town puts on the road to fill cracks in the pavement is VERY slippery @ 80 degrees or above. My Jetta GLI was going squirrelly as the front and rear tires would lose then regain traction and I was only doing 35-40 mph. I thought I had a flat tire! Watch out big time especially on the corners.

Also, Just back from an exploration of Beech Hill Rd up to Robinson Rd. Don't do it. where the sign says "Dead End" they mean it. You can see the road continues into the woods and up the hill, but it just gets worse. Lots of unpleasant hike-a-bike fighting off the midges and mosquitos. I've crossed the route off my itinerary.

In reply to Don

I rode - cycled - up Sandy Brook today and saw the crack sealant. Had no trouble with it on the bike. Admittedly, I was going uphill - so for me that means relatively slowly. Did not go back down so I can't comment on how it would be to descend.

I took a group of about 12 up and down Sandy brook on Thursday and the road is fine. We were pacelining at speed of 25 to 35 mph no issues.