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Cyclists and etiquette

You may have heard that we lost another great event from the 2014 race calendar. The town of Sterling, Ma. decided not to permit the race which was planning to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The reasons for the town's decision are justified in my opinion and speak loudly to the public's perception of cyclists, their attitude and their behavior.

One would like to think that defecating on someone's front lawn in full daylight is a rare act of a troubled individual. However, we received a similar complaint this year after the Tour of the Litchfield Hills (in addition to the many phone calls to the state police complaining of cyclists riding 4 and 5 abreast and refusing to share the road automobiles).

It's time to take not only personal responsibility for our own actions but also work towards correcting the bad habits and rude behavior of the cycling community. Speak up people. The alternative is a continuing decline in the events that we value and enjoy. It only takes a handful of people with bad behavior to ruin it for everyone else.

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Perhaps everyone has already seen this article elsewhere, but I think it's worth another look.

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I have seen this posted in several places. It's a good read.

I posted this response (to the article Wayne linked to) a couple of days ago.

"The biggest difference we can make? Obey traffic laws, whether in a group or solo. Cyclists are allowed to use the road (and, in most cases, the full lane). What we're not allowed to do is ignore traffic laws (stop signs, stop lights, one-way streets, etc.). In my opinion, this is what is truly holding us back.

PFB, your mission is simple - promote bikes as vehicles that are simply a part of traffic, with all rights and all responsibilities."

Well said! Unfortunately, I saw the same types of poor behavior in other rides out west. Let's all not only set a good example of ridesmanship, but also "educate" others when needs arise.

Crapping on someone's lawn is beyond the pale. I really can't imagine who would do that. They should have been arrested and I wouldn't hesitate to call the police to help them with that.