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Collinsville Run 3/11

I trust someone will bust me if I abuse the forum too much for running stuff, but this is local and maybe of interest to a few of you.

We (Hartford Track Club) are having a "run" from Collinsville at 10:00 on Sunday 3/11, a one or two loop option out River Road, Town Bridge, Powder Mill, 202, over the dam and back into town, 5.5 or 11 miles. It costs $2, and for that you get people starting at the same time running the same course, amateur-timed results, water, and home-baked goodies (in deference to the history of the run from the Collinsville Baking Company). You do not get: t-shirts, finishing medals, electronic times texted to you, music along the course, any guarantee of restroom facilities, or age group awards.

If you want to save the $2 and not run, there are still a few volunteer slots open as course marshals or helping me at the finish, and you still get the goodies. Post or email me for more info.


Chris. This is awesome! I often do this route anyway and will likely join (for one lap), I can be run leader for the slow group......also, you forgot to mention, we get to lose an hours sleep prior to event. See you there.

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Thanks for pointing out the time change, Jeff.

Also, we're meeting in the parking lot of Collinsville Canoe and Kayak, the owners have graciously allowed us to do so (they don't open until noon).

These "runs" are as competitive as people want. The rest of the Winter Series this year consisted of 8.5/17 miles at People's Forest, the Colchester 1/2 marathon which was last weekend, and there's a final Boston prep 19-miler in late March.

Really!!! No new responses? I feel like there are more runners in the club besides me that are passing the time running until the bicycle destroying magnesium chloride gets washed away........ Anyway I will be there - thanks for posting it. Btw I will be more of a jogger than a runner and heretothereforbyist volunteer as a sweeper.....see you there!!!

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Great, Jeff! The course is in good shape -- I rode it at the end of my ride today. The stretch of bike path along River Road by the treatment plant had been a concern, but it's in good shape. See you in the morning.

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Chris. Good to see you and thanks for the challenging course. Hopefully this can become an annual event......and, given the hills, congrats to Heather and Barbara on their impressive finish times.