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Canton Bike and Pedestrian Advisory

Meetings are held at the canton Community Center, room E beginning at 7PM.

January 15, February 19 and March 19

Monthly meetings are scheduled so you can come as it works with your schedule. If you not able to attend but would like to be included, drop me a message and I will follow up.

This a bit of a late notification, but nonetheless, if you're checking in, please join us and see how you can be a part of helping Canton with our Bike and Pedestrian Friendliness. This is meeting number 3, and we still encourage you to be a part of our monthly meetings as we look to help Canton become a bike and pedestrian friendly community. We have what it takes...but are seeking the help of others. Come to a meeting, and see if there is a 'job' that sparks your interest.

A couple years ago, we submitted Canton's Bike Friendly Community application to the League of American Bicyclists...and we were recognized with Honorable Mention'. A Canton Bike Advisory Group is forming with goals to help our community become recognized as a Bronze or Silver BFC. The process helps to bring awareness to our bike and pedestrian safety concerns and identify areas that we can improve for safer recreational and transportation uses. There was an initial meeting on November 20th, and we would like to invite you to join us in Room E of the Canton Community Center. There will be monthly meetings, but ask you to participate as it works for you. You can find updates on our Facebook, or email to share your interest in making Canton, a Bike and Pedestrian Friendly Community. Thank you!