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Bicycle & Transportation Survey

The Capitol Region Council of Governments, which coordinates transportation funding for local governments in the region, is updating the region's Transportation Plan, and public input is an important part of the process. Please take 10-15 minutes of your time to give your feedback about transportation conditions and priorities for the area to help with this effort.

Done. Some interesting questions in there.

In reply to Brent

Yup, all done. Don't think they will like my answer(s) to which taxes I would like them to take from me to pay for it all.

I guess I could be a town planner if the percentages I provided are reasonable. This types of survey can be a challenge, especially as we consider where many of us live, and how we use the roads. As you do this type of survey, there isn't a right or wrong answer, and you don't have to feel like you should know infrastructure data...just answer questions as best as you can. Zip codes that are collected are an important part in identifying areas that are interested and don't be bashful. Beyond that, please remember to attend our Bike Friendly Canton, meeting on December 18th at the Canton Community Center in Canton.