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Bicycle Friendly Business

Below is some information from Simsbury Bike. Help if you can.

Simsbury Public Library (SPL) has applied to become a Bicycle Friendly Business. I believe they have a strong application due to their longstanding partnership with the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, the schools, and area clubs like Valley.

The application process includes surveying the community, which will help the League of American Bicyclists evaluate SPL’s efforts to encourage a welcoming atmosphere for bicycling employees, patrons and the community.

I would really appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete this survey. This is not limited to Simsbury residents - anyone who has patronized SPL can respond.

Survey Link:

Deadline: Monday, April 4.

A couple of questions are slanted for employee focused resources and programs, which aren’t particularly applicable to SPL. Let’s emphasize the positive. Note also that you are NOT REQUIRED to provide contact info.