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Benny Bunny and Gnome Awards

This year we will carry on the tradition of awarding both the Benny Bunny and Gnome awards at our annual Fall Picnic.

The Benny Bunny award is given to the club member who has shown the most improved performance during the last year. This is not (necessarily) related to competitive performance but rather a recognition of the rider whose overall riding has improved the most during the season.

The Gnome award recognizes (?) an individual who has overcome some adversity during the current season. For example, a rider who broke his/her chain far from home in an area with no cell reception and had to walk 10 miles to the nearest house to beg to call his/her spouse. Or who had to outrun a pack of coyotes while going uphill on the Res Loop. Or who double flatted but had only one spare tube. Etc., etc., etc.. Both are meant to be light-hearted recognition of some of the events of the current year.

All Active EBCC Club members are eligible to vote.

Please email me ( with your votes by Fri October 2nd. and then come to the picnic to "honor" the lucky (?) recipients.!!! Note: The 2014 Benny Bunny was Christian Torrllo and the Gnome was Mike Parker

Regards, Brett

i have only received 5 votes so far. voting will be extended to Friday 10/2. its anyone's race. get your votes in.