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Benidorm/EBCC Racing Club

I got an email from USAC that my associated club was expired, I checked we are no longer on the list of CT racing clubs. Not sure who is in charge of that? Or if its just something we aren't doing any more (since I missed the Spring kick-off dinner)?

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I got the same email. The 3/6 EBCC board meeting minutes (forum thread) say Jack is going to be renewing our club with USAC for 2018.

Same here. Looking into it.


Hey folks. It looks like our USA Cycling club membership has now been renewed for 2018, but only after our race licenses were disassociated from it.

If you've already renewed your USAC license for 2018 and you're not appearing as a licensed member or our club (valid for 2018), you need to log into USAC and update your license to reassociate yourself and your license with the Benidorm Bikes/Eastern Bloc Cycling Club.

Here's a link showing our club's roster. USAC - Benidorm Bikes/Eastern Bloc Cycling Club

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Thanks for the info Jeff, updated mine. Pretty simple process, just takes a few seconds.

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Thanks for posting the link. I'm going to try to get the "of Simsbury Ct." out of the club name that shows up on the USAC website to make it clearer. Our official name is "Benidorm Bikes/Eastern Bloc Cycling Club".


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Thanks for taking care of that Jack! And to Jeff for posting the instructions.