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Battenkill Registration now open.

Race is a month later than it has been, now on May 21.

Event website:

Registration website:

Now a one day event, races (no racing license required) and Grand Fondo on the same day. Hope to see you up there.

Changes for 2016:

We’re going to a single day for the event in 2016 for both the Pro/Am and grand fondo on Saturday, May 21.  The full race schedule will be published soon.
    November 15-25 @  $95
    January 15-25 @  $110
    March 15 – May 14 @ $125
    Registration will be closed for all fields in between these periods.
While our registration fee remains the same since 2013, the changing demographics in cycling and the upward pressure on event costs has led us to move away from the national governing body for 2016 in an effort to reduce costs and to broaden the audience for our event and for the sport of cycling.  This will allow us more freedom with field sizes and event staffing to streamline costs toward important elements like safety and rider experience.  It will also allow us to sustain the event for future editions.  Nevertheless, the race will be virtually identical to previous editions, with hired race officials, support vehicles, moto marshals and officials, full police and course marshal support, friendly & professional staff, and the Battenkill Valley hospitality & scenery familiar to all who have raced the Tour of the Battenkill in the past 12 years.  All of the traditional rules common and expected in the sport will still be enforced by race officials (yellow line rule, etc.). Also, no one-day license fees and no annual licenses are required.
Reduced number of fields for the Category 5 Men to just one per age group.
Men Category 4 will have just 2 fields: under 40 and 40+.
Pro/1 Men and Pro/1/2 Women are by invitation only.  Interested teams  should contact us for details.
Swag bags and event tees for all racers registering by May 1, 2016
Wait lists and the Tour of the Battenkill Open gran fondo registration will remain open at all times.

The course for 2016 is the same as in 2015: 68 miles, 7 dirt road sections, and 4000 ft of climbing. As in 2015, the start and finish is at the Washington County Fairgrounds; bathrooms, showers, ample & convenient parking, easier access to the interstate, and on-site camping are all available once again. By all accounts, the Fairgrounds worked very well in 2015. Online registration for Pro/Am Reg Period 1 opens November 15 at 7 PM EST.

This post is awesome because I love any opportunity to play this video.


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> This post is awesome because I love any opportunity to play this video.

What the hell took you so long?

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While we're on the subject of videos, I'm featured on the promotional video on the Battenkill Website . me. At the 4:40 mark, you'll see me on a "breakaway", a "flyer" if you will. (I hate it when the camera cars get in my way. I swear at them and motion wildly to them to get out of my way).

FREE COFFEE AND PASTRY OF THEIR CHOICE ON THE NEXT RIDE to the first person to post why my above statement re: "breakaway"/"flyer" is simply not accurate/false/a bold face lie (As are most of my posts/statements).

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Just another typical ride for Walt...throngs of young women desperately chasing him....