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2018 EBCC board meeting minutes

Here a paste of the minutes from the 1st EBCC board meeting of 2018. We will work on getting these under the Club info section.

I hope everyone enjoyed the spring kick off dinner and is ready to ride! Res loops begin next Wednesday 4/4! 5:15 from the Saville Dam. Start time debate estimated to begin shortly in the Group Rides Forum!


EBCC Board Meeting 3-6-18

In attendance Jan Tanner, Pat Cunningham, Beth Saman, Jim Magennis and Jack Enxuto

Election results approved. President Pat Cunningham, Vice President Jan Tanner, Treasurer Beth Saman, Secretary, Jim Magennis

Pat reported that the clubs finances were in good condition and will work with Beth to determine if we will open a checking account. This will supplement our PayPal account.

Spring meeting update:

Date and place: Pat to check with Christine at Berkshire Hall to see if March 25th is open.

Food: Beth to order lasagna and salad from Jimmy's (in Torrington). Pat to order kegs of beer and get some water/seltzer. Desert will be pot luck. And, Pat to bring surplus cups and supplies.

Presentation: Jan and Pat to present overviews on ride calendar, mobile app, gravel rides, Jr. team, and new EBCC kits. The goal is to allow more mingle time before the presentation and we may bring several corn hole boards.

Promotion and RSVP process: Email blast as well as posted on the EBCC site. RSVP's to go to the club email address and we'll ask Brent to keep us posted on the responses.

Ride coordinator status. Bret Muro just sent out a message to previous leaders to firm up this years squad. We'll try to have a meeting with all leaders to review rules and goals. We also hope to preview the new mobile app.

Club insurance has been renewed.

Jack to renew our USA Cycling membership.

Next meeting TBD

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Thanks Pat (and thanks to all who made the kickoff dinner happen). Will you post the deck from the presentation, or at least the schedule of club events/volunteer opportunities? I think that can be useful for planning participation.

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Yes Harry, we'll get that up on the site ASAP. In the meantime, if memory serves, the list of volunteer opportunities is as follows:

Benidorm consignment sale May 4,5,6

Tour of the Litchfield Hills Aug 5

Center Subaru Tokeneke Road Race Aug 11?

Rocky Hill CX training series, Wednesdays mid August thru mid September

Brodie CX October 28, 2018.


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Bueno, gracias! smile