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Tokeneke road work after Dam - Beach Rock rd. & Rt181

Rode the loop last evening, noticed the new pavement where Beach Rock Rd / RT 181 intersect - and nice new pavement goes North a few miles on 181

* Racers please be aware Not sure if completed by Sunday?

** Issue is at Beach Rock and 181 intersection there is a 1 foot gap in pavement, where old/new pavement meet (Funny it was issue/bad there 3 yrs ago for race also) not a big bump especially if dry, but maybe if in a pack.... who might not be aware

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Good info. Organizers are aware of it and another "lip" on the 181 right at the Hartland town line where the new road meets the old road. I believe they are planning to have Course Marshalls as at both locations. Did you notice that second "lip", maybe they fixed it since Tuesday?


I did the loop tonight . 2 inch lip drop down Beach Rock to 181 . After that smooth sailing. Should be fast Sunday !

Rode it today (in my car). Good to go. Nice job DOT .......Gentlemen, start your engines...