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tokeneke road race


It was nice to see so many eastern bloc members out at tokeneke today. I attached a link to the results. I will give more deails as how my race went when i see you.

Sorry Brett. Not willing to wait. Please post details ASAP.

Likewise to Pat, Gerry, and Eric who all looked very comfortable at the top of beach rock......I just don't know what happened after that.

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Pain happened after that. Great to see all the club members every where around the event. Doubt they could have done it without EBCC.

Big shout out to all the Tokeneke first timers!

I hear by nominate Jeff as the official club volunteer organizer. The pay is great and the benefits are unparalleled!

I spent the day taking photos. Here they are ...

Brent's Tokeneke Classic Road Race Photos

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Jeff Cote announced at the race that Ebcc won the MOST VOLUNTEERS AWARD. As you know Jeff and his entire family volunteer at EVERY event. They certainly win the INDIVIDUAL BEST VOLUNTEER AWARD. Jeff collected the prize of beer for us and indicated he would keep it for the fall party. Thanks to EBCC members, friends, and family who gave their time to volunteer.

My race report: I would give you a race report on my event but it would take too long. Get it, "take too long." I will only say that they my group (60+) started off with Jerry and Pat's group. You can guess the rest.

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Christopher Moore's photos from the race are here.

my race report

So here is how my race went. When we were lined up in the street I knew I wanted to be close to the yellow line towards the front. I got half way down the pack on top of the yellow line. Like all races we start out fast. I hold my position in the middle of the field towards the yellow line. Just before the intersection of 219 and 179 there is a tall rider moving up the along the yellow line so I grab his wheel and he brought me up to the front. I stay at the front but out of the wind till the start of beach rock road. I know this is where the pain starts. I made sure I don’t overdo it on beach rock allowing 15 or so riders to pass me. As we crested the hill and merge onto 181 were all together. As the first kicker on 181 I lose the front group. We keep the group in sight for the whole race. As we end the stretch on 181 new pavement someone yells out let’s get a pace line together and we can catch them. So we single up and start to pace line. This does not last long as once someone got to the front they just sat at the front. It was like they did not understand what short hard pulls meant. We crest the top of the last hill. Only 3 miles of climbing left I know there are about 25 guys ahead. I start to think that I should be able to catch some that fall off the back of the first group. The climb starts and I settle in to a good rhythm. I end up pulling away from the group as I was with. With about 1.5 miles to go the hill was not as steep and a few of the guys from my group were now massing me. Then I see the 1 km to go sign. I get out of the saddle and try to catch the few guys that were going to just ride easy to the finish. As I exit the feed zone I see Kris and give it another kick there is 1 person form my race just ahead of me. With less than 200 meters to go I pass him with 25 meters to go. We are now shoulder to shoulder sprinting. At the line I lose the sprint by 6 inches.

As the results are posted I ended up 27th out of 62

with a time of 1:00:43 this time was 3 minutes faster than last year.

Brett. It feels like you and I could possibly team up next year and get you set up good for finish. I pull a huge draft which normally works against me but if you follow me I could burn myself out on the final climb and give you a good launch. This assumes I would be able to stay with the front group all the way but I've done it before as a 4 and in this case we're only talking one lap. Seems like it would be fun to try anyway. We'll discuss.