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Sea Otter Gran Fondo Carmel Valley

I was looking for a ride while on vacation with the family and this fit the time frame of our trip. It seemed to me it would be a good ride for this time of year (fitness wise) as it was between 5000 to 6000 feet of climb in 92ish miles. I didn't look at the profile . Most of the climbing came at the last half of the ride. Good long climbs and absolutely beautiful scenery throughout the whole ride. A good 16 percent grade in the last few miles just to finish you off properly. Well supported and plenty or rest stops if needed plus food , beer , showers & a massage if needed at the finish all included. More vendors and racing at the venue than you can imagine. Good times. The roads out here are just amazing ! I would love to get a small group together and just come out and ride for a week !!!

Sounds like one of those "how can it get any better than this" rides. Just to make you feel even better, rain and flood watch here today, then a cold front moves in. Going to be a cold, windy res. loop tomorrow night - will think of you. Hope you didn't get sun burned.

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Wait......I have never been able to put "vacation with family" and 92 mile fifty five hundred foot vertical bike ride into the same sentance, nor have I dared to try. You must have slipped out of the back of a water park or something. If not, I want to know your secret.

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Eric, this one is on my radar. Have family out there. Hope to do in 2015 or 2016