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Litchfield Hills Triathlon

Great job to all the EBCC club members who did the Litchfield Hills Triathlon today! Karl killed it (clearly he's been working on that swim and it payed off big). Jim was looking strong and from the brief glimpse I caught of Doug and Greg it appears the Friday night brick, beer and wings regime was working for them. Apologies if I left anyone out.

I was very happy to see two NWR7 swimmers and bike club members out there in the full tri and the aqua-bike divisions. One of them was #2 out of the water in his first triathlon!

Here's a shot of Jim "enjoying" the long run up from the swim to T1. He looks like he is having way more fun than is allowed in the USAT handbook :)

Jim-stop smiling!

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That picture really makes it look like I'm running fast! Just look at how blurry my legs are. I was probably running about 35 mph.

Thanks for the LHT plug Pat. It was a blast - again. Doug was the hero finishing with an excellent time and skipping the food going right to the beer. He was in very good shape for the race. Friday night bricks, no doubt, helped tremendously.

It was nice to see Pat on the exit of T1. Those momentary distractions from the task ahead help. Jim and Greg were/are great role models and mentors, not only for nutritional advice (beer, wings, and celery sticks), but for the numerous tips they gave me over the long months of preparation, hanging back with me during the runs, etc. A triathlon may be an individual test of ones fortitude, but the road to get there requires a group effort.

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Greg better be careful not to help you too much on the run, looks like you had him on the ropes up to that point ;)

Great job out there. Olympic distance was always my favorite and Brodie is a great venue for it.

BTW - did any of you spot the dude that did the whole race in a pair of white Under Armor boxer briefs? No tee shirt, just white boxer briefs. Seriously, is there anyone out there who doesn't understand what happens when white lycra gets wet? I'm amazed they didn't have him arrested.

Oops. I'll wear black next time.

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